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Alex Maric, CCHt is dedicated to helping people realize the power of the subconscious mind to heal themselves on multiple levels and live a more balanced, fulfilled life as a result. The subconscious mind, like a computer, holds every thought, every emotion, and every memory people have ever experienced since their creation. Hypnotherapy can help you with addictions problems with cigarettes, marijuana, drugs, alcohol and gambling problem.

It can also help with depression, anxiety, panic attack, sexual issues, sleeping problem, insomnia, driving phobias, problem-solving, stress management, physical and mental relaxation, motivation problem, excessive anxiety study and exam performance, bed wetting, migraine headaches, emotional difficulties, sports performance, changing habitual behavior, lowering high blood pressure, relationship problems, present and past-life regression, self-esteem and confidence, dreams interpretation, pain management and weight control.

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*Results may vary from person to person.*